I love the pictures!!!  –With all that complaining , we look like such a happy bunch.  Even Apollo didnt appear to be having difficuties.  The scenery is just beautiful.  Thank you so much, Julie for working w/ us.  You have found your calling in life(other than raising 4 kiddies) and made it into something that you truely enjoy, and a thriving business.  What an admirable woman you are!!!! You go, girl!!    Yeah Julie!!



Hi Julie. I just wanted to say thank you again for taking such wonderful pictures of our family! They turned out great and we have received so many compliments on our xmas card picture! I can’t wait to give our parents and siblings all the wonderful photos we picked out for them! Who knows… maybe you will get some more business from our friends and/or family!



Thanks Julie! The pictures look GREAT…. I think I might have to look at them a few more times before I can decide which ones to order….as usual, they are all so good! It is so nice of you to donate a photo session for the fundraiser.



Julie- Bill called me at work tonight to let me know some of the pictures were up. I looked at them immediately and I instantly fell in love with them, as did all of my co-workers!!! You have once again exceeded all of my expectations. Karsen looks amazing and so stinking sweet. You have such an awesome gift. Thank you so much for everything. I can’t wait to see the others!!!