Clothing Selection is very important for your portraits. I do offer free clothing consultations and also have a client closet with many options in different sizes. I also have pinterest boards with clothing recommendations. Great shopping references are Joyfolie, Gap, Zara, Old Navy, Target, Nordstrom, Abby’s Apples, Anthropology, Vici

Generally, I encourage clients to pick one or two main colors and a neutral. For example Navy as main color with grey and creme accents. Jewel toned colors such as gold, maroon, navy, emerald tend to photograph very well. Also, muted tones such as pale pink, peach, pale yellow, pale blue photograph well. For groups, you can mix patterns and textures as long as the colors are cohesive. Layering always looks good, jackets, sweaters, hats, suspenders, etc. Clothing with texture photographs amazing, for example knits, leather, faux fur, corduroy, lace, denim, canvas. For women, long flowy dresses that show a lot of movement but accentuate curves looks wonderful in pictures. Little girls look amazing in dresses that move too. Little boys look cute in suspenders, vests, v neck sweaters, plaid. Men are pretty easy in a button down untucked, sweater, or sports coat.

Things to avoid:

shimmery clothing

tight and extremely short clothing

Red clothing pulls out redness in skin and sometimes does not photograph well

Green does not photograph well outdoors unless you are in an urban setting

Clothing with graphics (unless it’s a senior shoot and you are showcasing a sport or college

Stained, ripped, pilled clothing

Last minute things to consider….Shoes will be in the photos, so make sure they are neat and attactive

Hands are in the photos so be sure to have neat clean nails in a neutral color….bright nail polish will attract the eye

Keep your makeup in a matte finish and bring touch up makeup and hairspray

Lipgloss or chapstick will give you a nice healthy looking lip